Sensitivity Traing

  • Sensitivity Traing

    Where is your suffering? Part 1

    Please understand – your quality of life is first determined by how healthy your body, emotions and mind are. I would like to explain the significance of this and of space, with regards to refining each of these parts of ourselves. Every aspect of you, whether it’s a thought, emotion or body structure such as a bone, organ or the blood, has a location. So, too, do illnesses, even if they are seen as being mainly mental. No event can happen outside of space – every symptom you might deal with will occur in a definite area. Now, the mind is connected to all of you, partially through the nerves…

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  • Sensitivity Traing

    Becoming a better listener

    Listening is a skill and like any other physical talent, it can be trained. The human mind has a connection with all features of the body, so if we wish to improve a particular sense, we simply need to think of it. Try tuning into your hearing – this is best practiced when in a healthy environment such as a park or natural setting. Can you listen more carefully and notice what you hear? We direct the body’s intelligence into its structures when we focus in this way – you will find that your ability to listen seems sharper, even after a few attempts. A deeper practice involves sensing what…