Case Studies



‘I was going through a very difficult and painful divorce from a man who narcissistically abused me for almost three decades. I was feeling battle-weary and my energy and life force had become severely depleted. At this point, I was fortunate to come into contact with William Gee, who offered me three healing sessions. Although the process was very gentle and subtle, I experienced a huge shift in perspective. William’s sessions fostered a profound sense of well-being and I was finally able to make peace with my past, instead of allowing it to dominate my present. I now feel far more motivated and have a great deal more energy and optimism. I have no hesitation in recommending William, as I believe his healing ability is exceptional.’ Jane



‘Wil was able to tell what was going on inside me and release the stress and anxiety trapped inside my body. He also was able to discover my emotions and what I have been struggling with for a very long time. Just incredible!’ Shane



‘The presenting issue I went to Wil for, was arthritic pain. During the course of the sessions, I noticed a number of improvements. The first was to some digestive issues I had. This changed completely and seemed to go back into balance. I also noticed an increase in my energy levels and my general sense of wellbeing improved. The arthritic pain is now considerably reduced.’ Hilary



‘I received some astonishing physical healing work from William – can’t recommend him enough. He reconnected me with trust for the masculine and I will be forever grateful. William has also been enormously helpful for my 6 year old son who is on the autistic spectrum. He has shifted from being very upset about many things ranging from sensory issues to time management, to now being very happy much of the time. We saw our son feel sleepy after each session then wake the next day full of energy and joy. Thank you so much’ Ruth



‘I went to William with depression and low energy . He’s is a empathetic person with deep understanding of his skills as a healer and how to help . He uses his rare abilities to enable both a physical and mental balance of the body and mind of the patient. The sessions are relaxed and stress free enabling him to help the most nervous person . I have no hesitation in recommending him to assist in your situation of either a physical nature or mental or indeed both’ Nick Dyson of Malvern Worcestershire



‘Having never had a healing session before I was intrigued, but non-the-less open minded, as to what my session with William would entail. He was very friendly and I chatted with him about my health and confided that I had always suffered with headaches throughout my life, but they had started occurring with more frequency since the birth of my second son, to such severity they were now migraines and I would have to go to bed to try and lie still. This just wasn’t what you needed with two small boys to look after! He mentioned some insightful things during the ‘healing’ process and I came away relaxed, but unsure whether it would make any difference. Since then I have had three sessions with William and I can honestly say that I almost don’t think about my headaches anymore as they hardly ever happen! I’m still not sure ‘how’ he did it, but he has definitely made an improvement to my health and wellbeing. Thank you William!’ Stephanie




‘I went to see Wil for help with a bout of shingles that was extremely painful. I felt much calmer and lighter after each session and the pain decreased each time. I feel the healing sessions helped speed up my recovery and cleared other things besides that were impacting my immunity.’
Lynn-Amanda Brown, Counsellor, healer, soul guide –

‘When I first came to Wil for treatment, my health had been in decline for several years. Glandular fever in 2010 had left me weak and prone to virus infections, leading to me being diagnosed with M.E. four years ago. Although I had made a partial recovery I was still suffering from extreme fatigue every day, had lost my general fitness and gained three stone in weight that I could not lose. I was unable to work or enjoy a social life and struggled to manage day-to-day chores. I had tried all the conventional approaches – a change of lifestyle, various different diets, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, as well as alternative therapies including acupuncture, homeopathy, Bach remedies and chakra healing. I had begun to fall into a depression as I felt the situation would never change and had been referred by my GP for ongoing cognitive based therapy. I came to Wil believing I had come as far as I could go on my own and that I needed help to clear out all this old, stale energy and pain I felt was stuck inside me and that I was unable to move. Quite honestly I was not expecting to make more than another partial recovery; my hope was that this healing would move me a little further on. After so many years of relapses and setbacks, an incremental improvement seemed all that was possible. But right from the outset it was apparent that Wils’ intuitive sensitivity to energy was profound, and his ability to move that energy and re-align the body’s systems is truly amazing. Almost before we began our first consultation he had pinpointed one of the major physical issues affecting me – that my system was too ‘cold’ – and during our first session I actually felt my body temperature rise to the point where I physically broke into a sweat!

Over the next few sessions I experienced many such tangible sensations – despite this being a hands-off therapy – as the pain that had been’ locked in’ particular areas of my body was released. Old emotional issues, some going right back to childhood, also came to light and were gently cleared. In his practice Wil has created a very ‘safe space’ for this to happen, and he also provides a follow-up ‘check-in’ session over the phone, so that I always felt very secure and supported throughout the process. My health began to improve almost immediately. After four sessions I felt better than I had in years: my energy had increased and I felt physically stronger and more resilient. By the end of six sessions my energy levels had improved beyond anything I had expected and my sense of well-being has been restored. I feel so much calmer, more stable, and more ‘in charge’ of my life than I have since before the glandular fever. With Wils’ help and assistance I have now found a healthier diet that continues to aid my recovery and I’ve regained enough physical energy to begin a fitness training programme – something that was unthinkable for me just six months ago. I have come out of my depression and recently been fully discharged from therapy. My life now feels like it’s back on track again; although I still have some way to go, I have no doubt now that a full recovery is not only achievable, it’s well within sight. Wils’ ability as a healer is genuinely brilliant, and his treatment really has changed my life.’ Sarah



The Neck

‘This Man truly can Heal, I can highly recommend William, after just a very short session on only a small sprained muscle I felt the pain instantly go away’ Jayne


The Ribcage

Prew badly injured her back and ribs in a horse-riding accident in 2016. She was hospitalised and told by her doctors that the ribs were likely broken, and she would have to let them heal over time. She was unable to breathe in fully for some eighteen months, and lived with chronic back pain. She and William met and began working together in 2017. During their first session, the pain in her ribs ceased and she was able to breathe normally. Over a further four, her back recovered and she started riding horses again. She subsequently described William as ‘a miracle worker’.


The Knees

‘After having pain and discomfort in my knees for 8 months I got in touch with William for help. I only had one session but within 2 months the pain was completely gone. I could barely run or kneel down before. Now I have a lot more flexibility and generally feel free and agile. I’ve known Wil for a number of years and would recommend him for healing any physical or emotional pain. He’s someone I respect very much and is very calm and approachable.’ Aidan



‘I was absolutely delighted to receive a healing from William recently. William was able to impart some wonderful insights and it was clear that he had a strong energetic connection to me. During the session, I experienced sensations within my body and felt the heat of his healing energy, lifting my spirits. Since having the healing, I have continued to experience this lightness, experiencing a calmness that had previously been missing. Because of this, I have been positively engaged with the people around me. I have also been much more motivated to work towards my personal goals and have achieved much more in one week than I have done in months. I would highly recommend Working with William if you get the opportunity.’

Tallulah Tay, Founder, Herefordshire Energy Healing –


‘It is almost incomprehensible what William can see and pick up on within a person’s energy field! He has seen the effects of my children arguing across me in my energy field, he has seen the emotional suffering from my past within my heart space, he has picked up on unspoken words stuck in my mouth and even heavy metals within my body. William supported me through absent / distance healing whilst I was going through a very traumatic few months supporting my mother through to end of life and without that support I know I wouldn’t have fared so well in managing during that time. I believe he helped to extend my mother’s life as she went from being expected to last just days to living for a further 2+ months. It has been such a pleasure swapping skills with Wil, both receiving healing and deepening my understanding of how I work through his astonishing energy awareness. His insights have deepened my self awareness massively and I feel accelerated my personal development. Wil is a powerful Healer, kind and conscientious, supportive and direct. His capacity to get to the core of the issue efficiently is admirable. I am so very grateful that our paths crossed at such a challenging time for me. Wil is beyond doubt an earth angel.’

Rachel Peacock, Crystal Healer –


‘I just had healing with William Gee. I have experienced many healing sessions in my life, as I have a great interest in this area. I have come away feeling very safe, supported and feeling a lot better than when I went in. Very professional but most importantly sensitive and grounded healing with a very pure connection. Thank you William.’

Alix Jones, yoga, meditation and relaxation teacher and therapist –


“It is a fascinating experience to have a session with Wil. I had a number of sessions this year and really enjoyed the experience. Wil has a gentle manner and is deeply committed to his work. Through gentle conversation and discussion, alongside Wil’s focused attention, I experienced some powerful connections with my physical body and enhanced my understanding of it.”

Paul Bradley, Alignment Therapist



‘Living with high-stress factors can be distracting and uncomfortable, particularly as a consequence of our fast-paced culture. I too, have not been exempted from life traumas – stress-related anxiety and emotional difficulties being resultant. However, mercy appeared when I reached out for assistance. I possess a depth of gratitude to William Gee: an earnest and genuine empath, blessed with a genteel and compassionate nature. These characteristics coupled with highly attuned psychic perception and well developed mediumship skills, guide his work with sincere objective through spiritist healing sessions. Healing is carried out in a professional, yet relaxed, discreet and sympathetic manner. Since working with William, my experience of anxiety has reduced significantly. I face each day with wonder, and not dread. New situations are no longer regarded as continual challenge, but rather an exploration. My perspective is shifting and spiritual life has enriched beyond expectation! I offer this with absolute conviction, if there is one person worth investing in, it is YOU. I very much recommend William Gee to assist you on your healing journey. Whether symptoms present as psychological, emotional, physical, or of a spiritual nature, I encourage you to experience this healing for yourselves.’ Rainbow



The Bladder

‘A wonderful healing experience. Never having had a healing session before, I had no idea what to expect so I went in with an open mind. Wil is such a caring & gentle person so this put me at ease and I felt very relaxed. Also at the time I was suffering with pain in my side from a water infection after the session towards the evening I felt less pain and had a good nights sleep. For anyone who is needing some inner healing, go & have a session with Wil I highly recommend him.’ Sharon



‘We have a dog with pituitary tumour. Having explored the medical solutions, we decided after talking to various sources that medical intervention in this case was not something that we should pursue. By chance we came across William. All I can say is that in our dogs’ case he seems to have made a positive impact. He also gives something back in doing small group therapies for which there is no charge. We would definitely recommend William as worth giving him a try in this sphere.’ Anja