Healing – A system for Life is a detailed study course which enables mental, emotional, physical and social evolution. The book is holistic in scope and offers many months of training to help you craft the right lifestyle and improve your well-being. Laden with techniques for upgrading one’s mind and healing the emotions and the body, the book is a product of its author’s seventeen years study of natural healthcare and his development of the precise system he used to recover from ‘incurable’ illness. The book is essential reading for anyone wishing to address health issues or develop themselves, as well as therapists, healers, meditators, carers, sports scientists and bodyworkers.

This is much more of an interactive education than a cover-to-cover read and explains the formula you should apply when addressing diseases or life challenges. The book is divided into twelve parts:

BALANCE emphasises the need for structuring a meditation and healing regime by one’s capacities and the best way to determine the right amount of training to take up.

REST AND SLEEP describes the great importance of proper relaxation when one is facing illness. It also introduces the first way to use your mind to change the body and help it into beneficial states, particularly sleep.

ATTITUDE is one of the key chapters in the entire book – it discusses how our minds function and how they can be applied to self-healing or any project. Attitude offers seven mental healing methods which can be used for self-enquiry, to free the mind and help it become more pleasant and efficient. This section then reveals the advantages of accessing altered states of consciousness for rejuvenating yourself, increasing creativity, problem solving and attempting to resolve illnesses.

FINANCES is a miniature training in monetary success. It encourages you to dream about your ideal career, then define your goals and implement a strategy for their achievement. These are exercises of the imagination and intention, which lay the groundwork for fulfilment in this area of life.

ENVIRONMENT is a treatise on the vital need humans have for connection with the natural world. It documents how nature can invigorate us and how sunlight, fresh air and the earth’s aura are some of the most life-giving influences we can experience. It also presents several methods for relating to each of them – you will learn how to merge awareness with the elements, so as to increase their effects upon you. These are powerful techniques for clearing negative moods and energising the body.

NUTRITION covers the eternal requirement for hydration and good food. It recommends both the adequate intake of water and an interesting technique for linking the mind with it. Similar to the nature connection, this will help one perceive the character of water and relate to it directly. It is a useful training in basic ‘psychic’ development, which sensitises the mind, enhancing self-awareness and the ability to ‘read’ others. Physical therapists, including masseuses, energy healers and others will gain from this.

The chapter also argues the case for a balanced diet and suggests a theory regarding the resolution of eating disorders. Water and food are tremendous influences on health and can uplift one’s state of mind! This is where you will discover the right diet for yourself.

HOBBIES refers to an individual’s needs for intellectual satisfaction. It encourages participation in enjoyable activities which stimulate the emotions and therefore uplift us mentally and physically. It also teaches how to use meditation to analyse the effects of such – this grants further training in sensitivity. A basic practice for dreaming one’s desired future into being is then recounted.

EXERCISE relates the dramatic benefits of regular physical exertion. It explains the connection between contemplation and athletic pursuits, both of which can improve the mind and body. As a style of rejuvenation, exercise confers many of the advantages of self-reflection but in a more dramatic and effectual manner, especially for beginners. Thus, it is promoted here as one of the main pastimes invalids should engage in.

The chapter provides eleven basic movement patterns which mobilise the skeleton and take most of its joints through their ranges of motion. These will ‘open up’ the body and stimulate circulation, as well as developing the condition of the heart, lungs and conscious muscles. This section of the book finishes by suggesting how to use psychological methods to soothe and repair injuries.

RELATIONSHIPS is about different interactions – social, cultural, competitive and romantic. It is extensive and illustrates the ‘heart centre’ – the upper chest, which humans and other similarly-built organisms use to interact with each other. It then describes exactly how you can refine your own heart, so as to ease success in relationships. This will let you recover from abuse, heartbreak or negative ideas which hold you back.

You will understand how to heal your family line, lessening the severity of inherited traumas and the degree to which these are passed on. You will study your compatibility with others, via heart meditations and realise how carefully choosing who you spend time with is a key to social well-being. Heart healings liberate us from the past, empower us to resist bullying or possessive treatment from others and lead us towards happiness. They are an essential aspect of spiritual development.

SEXUALITY expands from the previous ideas to cover intimacy. It documents what sexual energy is, where is it centred and how to cultivate it. Doing so is most productive – benefits include increased energy levels and confidence, the strengthening of one’s sexuality, becoming more grounded, i.e. calmer and more physically stable, with corresponding psychological improvements.

Means of stimulating climax using the mind or physical techniques are examined – these can heighten mental health and perhaps even reduce pain or other disease symptoms. Sexual massage is introduced – this activates one’s sexual awareness and promotes the capacities of the spine and nerves, in circulating it. One must engage with these methods regularly, as they lead to many important breakthroughs in self-understanding and social skill.

They are also vital for those who were sexually abused and can be applied to pursue recovery from the problematic after-effects of such experiences. Insights on the lower spine and how to help it convalesce, to facilitate this process, are detailed.

THERAPY gives guidance on hiring mainstream doctors, possibly alongside other types of healers. The chapter is largely focused on ‘energy healing’, a gentle type of bodywork. It illuminates this and how practitioners can sense the vibrational quality of living organisms, to share and ameliorate a patient’s suffering. The subject will be of interest to those wishing to explore cutting-edge, consciousness-based strategies for addressing personal struggles or pursuing peak performance.

Hypotheses regarding psychic interactions between therapists and their patients are also extended. These are based on observation of how the frequencies generated by life forms travel, affecting others. Energy workers often manipulate the space around the human body, rather than acting directly upon it. The mechanism proposed here for remote, vibrational or ‘auric’ influence over an invalid who is not touched by healers, could elucidate how non-contact bodywork brings about improvements. Spiritual practice of this type is truly holistic – it honours our requirements for mental, emotional, physical, occupational, relationship, cultural and environmental healing. It is how the author regained his health and certainly deserves to be examined and combined with mainstream healthcare.

INTEGRATION finally weaves the entire study course’s contents together, summarises everything which has been taught and re-emphasises commitment to the holistic lifestyle.

The Foundations of Self-Healing will help anyone who seeks restoration and to enhance their quality of life. It can only do so, as its methods are proven to magnify human health. They are also formulaic: combining multiple, curative habits in a well-balanced regime increases their effects. This training is empowering – you will learn exactly what you need to spend time on to advance in personal development and become your own healer.

Publishing in 2024!