William Gee

Welcome! I am a therapist, based in Great Malvern. I have studied the healing arts since 2004 and began doing so to address serious illnesses of my own: Post-viral fatigue, a case of Colitis which left me disabled for almost six years, Acid reflux, Hyperthyroidism and Psychosis. The prognoses were not inspiring – the first two conditions were generally described as ‘incurable’ by the National Health Service. However, meditation practice eventually enabled me to make full recoveries from all my afflictions. You can read the full story on the page titled ‘A return to health’.

Building on an earlier sports science background as a Personal Trainer, I qualified as an energy healer in 2016. I have been helping people and animals improve their circumstances since then. I have worked with a wide range of mental, emotional and physical conditions and built up a strong track record. My book ‘The Foundations of Self-Healing’ defines the holistic system I invented to regain my health and which I now teach others. Details are on the ‘Training’ page. I also run social media profiles which offer videos and blog posts – click to find me on facebook and youtube

I have links with a number of other therapists and our combined expertise lets us offer Nutritional Guidance, Herbal Medicine, Osteopathy, Massage, Acupuncture and Exercise Classes. We are of both genders, meaning clients who are seeking particular styles or therapists can be referred to the appropriate practices. We are beginning council-backed community projects focussing on mental and physical health and look forwards to serving the Shire and surrounding areas.

I must present a disclaimer: all statements about healing, made by myself or those I have worked with, are personal opinions. This applies to my website and social media, etc. I do not allege that I diagnose or treat disease nor do I make medical claims. Rather, I practice therapy with the aim of helping to improve quality of life. My methods are entirely compatible with mainstream medicine and I keep a record of testimonials submitted by satisfied clients. These are anecdotal accounts rather than strict, scientific evidence but they continue to increase in number. I look forwards to documenting the efficacy of natural healing under clinical testing.

Thank you for visiting and good health!


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