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Where is your suffering? Part 1

Please understand – your quality of life is first determined by how healthy your body, emotions and mind are. I would like to explain the significance of this and of space, with regards to refining each of these parts of ourselves. Every aspect of you, whether it’s a thought, emotion or body structure such as a bone, organ or the blood, has a location. So, too, do illnesses, even if they are seen as being mainly mental. No event can happen outside of space – every symptom you might deal with will occur in a definite area. Now, the mind is connected to all of you, partially through the nerves and this means you can sense anywhere within yourself, including wherever there is a dysfunction which needs attention.

Can you feel where an illness, pain or other distress is? And when you can, try settling your awareness wherever it is taking place. Even if the issue is a mental process or feeling, it is still substantial, so sense its location. Then, try and travel into it with your mind and see what happens. Please cultivate this skill to the highest level you can and if you are seeking to address a significant problem, you will likely need to pay plenty of attention to it over several weeks.

At a later date, we can investigate the specific effects of this – how and why it works to improve health.

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