The pillars of mental health


A healthy personality is composed of many characteristics and habits. These are some of the most important:


Awareness – The ability to recognise one’s existence and sense one’s state.

Release – It is important to not hold on to the past or future, ideas, feelings or physical sensations too much. Letting go with the mind is helpful.

Self esteem – You must appreciate and value yourself to an adequate degree.

Confidence – Cultivate this when wishing to succeed in any enterprise.


  Any of these traits or others can be developed by the will. One should simply meditate upon them. Think ‘What is awareness?’ and seek the answer through experience. Or consider what it feels like to mentally let go of an undesired train of thought: how does the mind need to behave to achieve this? Investigate self esteem and self belief; they are within you and honed when considered.

Your consciousness is a priceless asset and it’s condition is your responsibility. Try to make time to sit and think! You will earn the freedom to decide who you want to be.

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