It’s very important to understand that the human mind is a health-seeking system. Consciousness wishes to be well and it will make all efforts to repair itself if permitted to. Those of us with an interest in mental health need to learn how to use the mind so as liberate its healing instincts. In my observation, overthinking is generally related to anxiety or worry – when the body is stressed, frightened or a person is concerned about their circumstances, the mind will overact and spend excessive amounts of energy on looking for solutions to problems, real or imagined. One needs to clear the charge of emotions in order to calm the mind…

Honesty is a powerful practice in this regard – if one allows thoughts and feelings to take place without resisting them, they are free to move and will transform into healthier states. With the supervision of a qualified health professional, if necessary, try this basic technique – simply allow the mind and emotions to express themselves, then see what happens. Please also seek out a meditation teacher or hypnotherapist for guidance in ‘trance healing’ – using altered states of consciousness for relaxation and personal change.

Lifestyle measures are essential, as well. Nature is a master healer – try to spend at least thirty minutes per day in a garden or park. Longer stretches of several hours are ideal for weekends – trips to forests or rural areas will do one a power of good. Sunlight and fresh air are remarkable, healing influences. Optimal health is also based on adequate rest and sleep, good nutrition, exercise and other physical habits. But everything begins in the mind – we need to clearly set the intention that we wish to be well and dedicate ourselves to the right lifestyle. Firstly, though, be honest. ‘Be Yourself.’